The Body Mind and Light to Light

There is a truth to the intelligence that is you -totally- now, in this present moment. Therefore, do not think with the lesser intellect what is recovered in delusion for you. The intelligence of the heart-soul-body is unrivaled in all of the universe. It is the universe and therefore has all the intelligence thereof instantly. Trust what is occuring is ideal for your agreements and journey of light. From light to light.


Bonding with Gaia | Draft 3

In the name, mission and likeness of light and love, I intend to release my bonding cord to the center of the earth and bond with her Grace, my birthright, my intravenous source of love and power.

I imagine the cord as a spiritual cord. Telepathic in nature, one that can contain the magma-like love energy that WILL course through me when I make the effort to bond with her. It is a cord of light, made of light, capable of containing light that will course through it. Now send it down down down to the core of the earth. Calling Gaia! Gaia! Gaia! I am here to bond with you! In the name of my soul! I will it so, I am married to Gaia! It is so.

I imagine her shakti coursing from her liquid love core, entering my body and penetrating all of my cells, moving through my heart and causing it to pulsate with love and strength. So it is. So it was. So it will be.

Love is the doer.

Secondary and tertiary noticings of the day; I am an artist at life and therefore am allowed mistakes, as many as I wish.

You are invited to Success!

You are invited to stop playing the identified patient or family scapegoat. You are welcome to stop acting as if you are in some way wounded or in need of others attention and help to get better.

You are invited to be courageous, strong, capable and responsible -accountable -integral -adultlike -professional. You are invited to step out of the closet and express yourself. You are invited to be a man or woman of the people and for the people.

You are invited to be successful in what you do and feel good about where you are, what you are creating, and how you are living. You are invited to be, feel, think, live as if you are enough -awesome -brilliant -good -respectable -generous -and adding to the hope in the world -as you are.

You are invited not to give a damn about what other’s think, but to care about meeting the world in a way that makes you feel good, true, and beautiful.

You are invited to connect with people that stoke your fire and are invited to spend less or no time with those who don’t.

You are invited to be compassionate.

I want you to know that I love you. I want you to know that I am really looking forward to the rest of our life together.

Be strong. Be clear. Be awake. Be kind. Be you. Be deliberate. Be as the trickster. Be like you and create you as your soul knows. Remember, you feel pain because you are out of alignment with the truth.



I tell myself that my mother doesn’t believe in me. She doesn’t think I’m capable of somethings. She doesn’t know what I’m capable of, really, because only I know what I’m capable of. We can harbor intent. The actions remain ours to take or even allow, in doing so, allowing the energy to flow through us and into the world. Take action, perhaps. Allow action, now we’re talking.

I don’t -or do I?- mind, that my mother doesn’t see my greatness. I return to the fact of the matter and it is this:

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
We must not wait for others to provide hope.
We must go to where there is no hope and provide it.
We must not wait for others to give us faith.
We must not look for the sunny pasture to take faith and be the love -the hope- and make the change we wish to see which is our passionate throbbing heart. Take a few more steps and you will stabilize. A few more steps out and into the world, little mountain, Matthew, John.

We are the LIGHT!!!

Little Mountain is a name that I received recently. The invokation of little mountain is a powerful metaphor for me in being the strength that I seek to embody for others and life. Yes, you too can take on a name or metaphor so as to empower yourself through creative visualization. Ask me if you wish for me to name you, I will help you choose a name for this period in your life.

Not only that, but in a few days, or weeks, you will be very strong by the love that is throbbing through your body. Why? You’ve taken those steps. You’ve done it. You will do it rather. What are those steps, by the way?

Great Spirit
I pray to you fill my body with love
So that the hate and fear disappear
And I ground into a new reality
Thank You
Your Little Mountain

Boundaries, Judgement, and Love

So you have fear of judgment. Know that your fear of judgment is actually a positive thing. It means that you are a good person or that you have the wishes of the collective in your heart. When you learned to fear your authentic expression and let your hair down, your booty shake, your legs shake, your pelvis gyrate and so on, you were listening to people who were not in alignment with your soul. That’s fine. Know that you chose to repress yourself because you cared about how they think and feel about you. You essentially said to yourself; your happiness is more important than mine. At that point, you didn’t really know what alignment or flow or joy really is conceptually, you just were you. Now you know the importance of alignment and soul so you choose it with awareness of misalignment and it’s pain.

In another code, you allowed people who are not in the vortex to tell you how to behave or not behave. You gave them your authority. Understandably, you looked to the older people whom you respected to advise you, and unfortunately, they were not in alignment with your soul so you essentially were confused about alignment, authority, self and choice.

Now you see that they were out of alignment with you and or source, and that you must be less naive about others. You must, what is it, guard yourself a little more to the opinions of others. It is not loving to yourself to allow others to judge you because you love them. That is like, do you want to know what that is like? That is like entering a battle with no armor. That is like running towards a shooter saying I love you. They will kill you. You must be both wiser and stronger than that. You must not allow people to hurt you, or poison you, or dump their shit all over you. Because you must.

It does not mean that you do not love them. It means that you are having boundaries and are taking care of yourself so that you can love them. If you let them dump their shit all up in you, how are you going to love them? Hmmm? You get all stuck and shit.

It is not loving to be open and without boundaries.

Damn, I suffered for many years of what is it called, open heart syndrome. No boundaries. Doormat. Landfill. Ocean dump.

Bonding with Gaia | Draft 2

Last night, I created draft 1 of the Bonding with Gaia protocol as I effort to ground my cord and unite with her -make the bond. I share this with you so that you may offer feedback or journey with me towards a love so free and so abundant it is beyond your wildest imaginations of what is real and possible.

I will effort again.

Creator and all of life, I take this time to dedicate this intent to the Heart of Life. As is seen again, what you give to life, you receive from life. 

I imagine I must first see my grounding cord first before I can move forward. Is this the first step? I create it out of my root chakra located at the perineum. Done. I have a little ball of light there. From this ball of light I will intend that it expands to be the relevant size of a macadamia nut. I also prefer that it is polished plasma, so a marble is probably a more appropriate orb. And call it an orb. It is two inches in diameter and it will begin to pulse when you know it is available to you. Good. Now that you have done that, I want you to coax it downwards as if you were unfolding your tongue out of your root chakra or … rooty. English names for sanskrit chakras. Spinning wheels of light. Now that you have your phallus or cord manifest, intend it to grow and seek the mother of life. Imagine that it is like a serpent seeking through the dark with it’s desire to bond with the mother of life at the core of the earth. Gaia is more than our planet. She is more than our mother. She is the Source of Energy that Animates life. The sun, that is physical and provides much warmth. She is different than that. She is love. We are more like plants than we can ever realize.

I want this. I need this. I desire you. Core of earth. My grounded heart. Om.

As you go about your day, know that this experience will continue to unfold and expand in vibrational volume as you attend to it. I recommend doing this every day, and exploring more and more what it means to be In Love with Gaia -Bonded.